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Fruity Collection


Try our marvellous collection of fruity macarons.  Carried by either a buttercream or ganache filling, we have selected some of our favourite fruity notes in this lovely box.

Each box of 12 contains 3 of the following macarons;

- Lychee, Raspberry & Rose - Strawberries & Cream - Raspberry Lamington - Blueberry & Honey Smoothie

  • All macarons contain almonds, sugar, egg white, food colour.

    Lychee, Rose & Raspberry - white chocolate, cream, lychees, rose water, raspberries, gelatin.

    Blueberry & Honey Smoothie - butter, blueberries, honey

    Raspberry Lamington - butter, raspberries, white chocolate, coconut

    Strawberries & Cream - butter, strawberries, vanilla