• 100% Cacao Chocolate - Honest Chocolat

100% Cacao Chocolate - Honest Chocolat


Honest Chocolat is hand-made by artisan chocolatiers, Nico & Emily Bonnaud, in Matakana, New Zealand.  With a commitment to using unique and high quality single origin chocolate, they pair amazing chocolate couvertures with exciting flavours and hand craft them into unique textures and experiences.

This is the chocolate bar that your doctor would recommend. If you’re a dark chocolate lover then you’ll love this! Rich, bold and powerful. 100 percent cacao from Ecuador. That’s it! Full of all the health benefits associated with good chocolate, high in antioxidants and rich with minerals. A single square melted on the tongue will reveal a long lasting satisfying flavour and power you through to your next coffee (or next square).

Organic | Ethically Sourced | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Soy Free | Sugar Free | No artificial ingredients | No palm oil

Tablet net weight - 70g

  • Cacao mass, cacao butter, may contain traces of nuts.