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For The Foodie


A box of creative macarons for the adventurous foodies among us. 

Since our beginning in 2008, we have created a range of macarons, from simple flavours such as lemon, to flavours that push the boundaries such as Wasabi & Grapefruit.

This collection contains 6 flavours of creative macarons that our customers continually ask for.  Each box contains 2 of the following macarons;

Mint, Spring Pea & White Chocolate - Vanilla & Olive Oil - Ginger, Sesame & Caramel - Balsamic Vinegar & Raspberry - Rhubarb & Pink Peppercorn - Fig & Earl Grey

  • All macarons contain almonds, sugar, and egg white.

    Spring Pea, Mint & White Choc - cream, fresh mint, white choc, mint powder, butter, pea powder, flavouring, food colour.

    Olive Oil & Vanilla - cream, white choc, vanilla paste, vanilla extract.

    Ginger, Sesame & Caramel - ginger powder, crushed ginger, butter, cream, sea salt, white chocolate, sesame, food colour.

    Earl Grey Tea & Fig - cream, milk chocolate, earl grey tea, figs, food colour.

    Balsamic Vinegar & Raspberry - cream, white choc, balsamic vinegar, raspberry puree, gelatine, food colour.

    Rhubarb & Pink Peppercorn - cream, white choc, rhubarb, flavour, pink peppercorns.