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Chocolate Lovers


For those who love the rich notes of chocolate!  Indulge in our richest, luxe, beautiful chocolate macarons, made from dark and milk Belgium chocolates. 

Each box of 12 macarons contains 3 each of Bitter Chocolate, Triple Chocolate Brownie, Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate Caramel Espresso.

Gluten Free

  • All macarons contain almonds, sugar, egg white, and food colour.

    Bitter Chocolate Macarons - cream, dark chocolate

    Triple Chocolate Brownie - milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark (70% chocoalte), butter, brown sugar, cocoa, gluten free flour, vanilla extract, salt, eggs

    Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate - hazelnuts, cream, milk chocolate

    Chocolate Caramel Espresso - milk chocolate, butter, cream, coffee, salt