• 2021 Winter Fruits
  • 2021 Winter Fruits
  • 2021 Winter Fruits
  • 2021 Winter Fruits

2021 Winter Fruits


This collection of macarons brings together all the beautiful winter fruits. It has a perfect mix of bright zesty flavours as well as comforting, nostalgic combinations. 

The collection has two each of; 



Baked Apple & Walnut

Black Doris Plum Crumble & Custard

Raspberry Sorbet

Banana, Coffee & Coffee

  • All macarons include ground almonds, sugar, egg whites, butter, cream, food colour.  For a complete list of ingredients, please contact us at sales@jaimelesmacarons.co.nz.

    Baked Apple & Walnut: Apple powder, walnuts and lemon juice

    Blackcurrant: Blackcurrants, blackcurrant powder

    Passionfruit: Passionfruit pulp, passionfruit powder

    Banana Coffee & Caramel: Banana powder, coffee

    Black Doris Plum Crumble & Custard: Custard, Black Doris plums, plum powder, lemon

    Raspberry Sorbet: White chocolate, raspberries, raspberry powder, lemon, citric acid