Winter 2019 Collection - Our Creative Process

Each season we select a theme for our collections, and this year we chose a "Petit Four" theme for the upcoming winter.  A petit four is a French term referring to small, bite-sized confectionery items, and we felt a collection of macarons capturing our favourite winter desserts would fit this theme nicely. 

The flavour selection process always starts with 1000 ideas collected from previous collections, the team, Pinterest, chefs, cooks, and bakers we admire, international food trends, Instagram, favourite recipe books, what we currently love to eat, seasonal produce, and customer requests. 

We then refine these ideas down to those that fit our theme, and make us feel inspired - at this point we choose around 25 concepts, for a possible 12 positions in our Winter Collection.

Next step is our kitchen experimentation - we test each of the 25 concepts and trial different carriers of the flavour (buttercream or ganache), centres, decorations, colours, flavour balances, and any flavour twists that might add a modern aspect to a familiar flavour.  Not all concepts work - despite sounding amazing - and some exceed expectations and surprise the whole team.

The final 12 are then mocked up, and passed by friends and family for honest feedback (nothing like family for brutal honesty!).  We then tweak and refine, & voila!  Our next collection of macarons is given life.

We hope you enjoy our Winter 2019 Collection - my personal favourite is Toasted Coconut, or Feijoa Custard Crumble.....but I'll leave that to you to discover!

Bridget & the team at JLM xo