About Us

J'aime les macarons is French for "I love macarons", and that we truly do. We love their perfect form, chewy texture, extensive colour palate, endless creative flavours, sense of tradition, and quality.    

As passionate cooks, we only make beautiful, interesting food, with quality ingredients, that we would love to eat ourselves. That means fresh cream, eggs, butter, seasonal fruit, Belgium chocolate, and more.

Where We Began

We began as a small stall at the Christchurch farmers market in 2008 and now have 10 years of providing our macarons to the New Zealand-wide market. We love the work that we do and are eternally grateful that our customers do too.

Where We Are Going

Our mission is to provide busy people with the perfect, luxury, sweet-treat solution for any occasion.

The Macaron Process

A perfect macaron is the successful sum of little details - highest quality ingredients, the perfect humidity in the kitchen, letting the meringue fall when mixing with almond paste (a process the French call "macaronage"), respecting drying times, eliminating air bubbles, and patiently waiting for the right resting periods between finishing the macaron to eating.

When all the small details are completed accurately, the perfect macaron is created. 

Our Creative Inspiration

We don't have a recipe for this part!  Inspiration comes from every angle.....travel, new ingredients, food blogs, international trends, and customer suggestions.  We're always thinking of new ideas and have a lot of fun experimenting.

Our Impact

As a small business producing small luxury treats, we like to make as bigger impact as possible. We sponsor events, make regular donations to worthy causes, support local school children & their business-focused school projects, and do what we can to do business for good, in every possible way.